The Art of the Pivot. These five words will take you to a better understanding of the breakdown of character description and learn to speak your truth. I feel the microphone is a lie detector. It knows when you are hungry, desperate or disconnected with the character or product you are engaging. I'm here to help you step away from that, you see, voiceover acting has nothing to do with your voice, but every thing to do with your acting. I am here to help you build a solid foundation of the true principals of the craft of acting.

Coaching Packages

8 Sessions Private Coaching

10 Session Audition Prep

Callback Prep

Single Audition Prep

(all coaching 50 minutes)

A demo from Berger's Reels LA is a customized piece of art written to your own specifications by my personal staff writer of over a decade, Mr. Landon Bradford. The process begins with prep. When you and I do a demo we don't just record words on a microphone, we do up to five weeks of intensive preparation and rehearsal, with recording to follow. Then it's whisked off to my production team to mix, master and bring you an authentic piece of art ready for market. So, if you're looking for representation, or simply need a refresher, look no further than Berger's Reels LA!