I handle demo production as if I were producing a play; casting is paramount! Our process begins with private coaching, then, together, we will learn your strengths and weaknesses. In harmony, we build our foundation through the use of my hand crafted technique, The Art of the Pivot.

Melique Berger

Unlock Your Voiceover Potential: Melique Berger's Coaching & Demo Reels

Melique’s trademarked, in-depth voyage into character analysis, scene breakdown and point of view, for every genre of voiceover.

Melique provides a safe, loving environment. Actors thrive and grow at their own speed, in their own time. No pressure. Every actor is different.

Melique is an award winning, working actor with her finger always on the pulse of all that is contemporary, from animation to commercial and everything in between.

I've been studying with Melique for about a decade now, so I've had a front-row seat for the development of the ‘Art of the Pivot’. It's a natural extension of her foundational technique of ‘Acting As If’. It's helped me on countless auditions and jobs and added layers to my work; even when a second take isn't asked for, it puts me in the mindset of "How can I make a stronger first choice to make a sharper contrast against a second choice, or a third, or a fourth." 11/10 do recommend. ——- Devon C.

Melique is a consummate artist, A wonderful, encouraging teacher and an awesome human being. Upon first meeting I instantly gave her a spot in my heart. She is a treasure, a shining star in every way. I am so glad to know her, to learn from her and to be in her circle. To know her is to love her. Nuff said. ———— Bill Kernodle

I have known Melique Berger professionally and personally for over 30 years. During this time, I have seen her develop into an accomplished actress, voiceover coach, demo producer and ADR/Looping specialist. She has successfully maneuvered through the typical instabilities associated with the acting profession and has immerged as one of the most sought after voice professionals in the entertainment business. Melique shares a spotless reputation as being a responsible business owner, combined with sharp skills in knowing how to run a company. I highly recommend Melique Berger as a responsible individual—both personally and professionally. ——- Jeff Howell, Producer/Director

What they’re saying…

Animation/Character Best Performance Female 2023

Original Zoom/Radio production performed by Berger’s Reels LA, A Company of Actors


directed by Melique Berger

Written by Landon Bradford